Stefere Haute Joaillerie  – The Story

Stefere Haute Joaillerie was launched in 2005 by its founder Stephanie Rehault – three years later she partnered with her long time friend and designer Corina Larpin. The creative duo began designing custom pieces for private A-list clients and celebrities such as Penelope Cruz, Victoria Beckham and Elton John. While Stephanie’s passion for interior design led her to a different venture, Corina’s talent and determination has transformed Stefere Haute Joaillerie into a brand. Stefere Haute Joaillerie pieces are now some of the most sought after jewelry with buyers and retail points across the world, including New York, Paris, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong to name a few.


The beautiful craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, transform Stefere Haute Joaillerie pieces into timeless gems that perfectly compliment every occasion. These versatile designs can be easily worn with a chic t-shirt or at a formal night out, proving that gemstones are definitely a girl’s best friends. From diamonds, sapphires, rubies and so much more, each of Stefere Haute Joaillerie’s pieces share a story that’s waiting to be shared around the world


Corina Larpin is the muse behind luxury jewellery brand, Stefere. Corina was born in Romania and currently lives between Geneva and Hong Kong. An avid traveler, she is often inspired to create pieces from the exotic places she visits and interesting people she meets. Her ability to translate her surroundings into exquisite pieces is one of the key driving forces behind the brand’s success.

Growing up with a fashion background and being exposed to fine gathering events, Corina is known to have a glam rock style and a unique taste for fashion, She likes everything to be special, beautiful and one of a kind as she doesn’t believe everyone should look or dress the same. This is translated into her jewellery as all the pieces are very versatile.



“I’m constantly thinking about the next collection and talking to our clients about what inspires them when they wear our pieces. It’s a wonderful, creative challenge to always innovate, to be one step ahead and take ideas and turn them into though provoking designs. It’s what makes Stefere different and what makes it stand out.

It’s all about the timeless beauty that surrounds us in every aspect of life. From the jet setting lifestyle, tradition and contemporary art pieces to the striking architecture and remarkable people we come across.”

An avid traveller, Corina has been inspired by the most stunning pieces in the world “Whenever I’m travelling you can find me in the local market, mingling with the people discovering new aromas or simply admiring the surroundings. It’s what really drives my creativity – to be in the heart of a city and see it unravel in front of my eyes”

Stefere Haute Joaillerie’s creations can be traced back to the very beginning, nurturing the passion for luxurious, one of a kind designs.